A common complaint for everyone is not having enough time to workout. But there’s an extra hour available to you that you don’t even know about. If you choose to participate in our group fitness class in the morning, you will feel more balanced because you MADE time for yourself. At 5am, no surprise meetings, kids’ ballgames, or after-work happy hours are happening. Make it happen and you won’t be sorry! Now, I’m not saying it will be easy, I know that the feeling I get when I’m done is worth it and comparable to no other. Hitting the snooze and rolling over to toss and turn for maybe another 30mins to an hour will result in an unhappy wake-up. You will regret it. So, if your goals include making time for the early morning group fitness class (or personal training session) here are some of my tips!

Have your gym clothes laid out and ready to go. Down to the socks and headband.

Wake up and smell the coffee. I’m not saying drink a pot a day; what I’m saying is a cup can give you energy and actually be something to look forward to as you get out of bed.

Get a friend involved. If you both plan on attending the same group fitness class, that is accountability at it’s finest.

Get to bed earlier when you can. Change your bedtime to a bit earlier when you have the opportunity. This makes an enormous difference.

Give thanks. This is part of my morning ritual. I sit with my coffee for just a few short minutes and breathe deeply and smile. Gratitude brings joy.

Wake up earlier on the weekend also. Not at 4am – I’m not crazy. Sleeping until noon only makes it harder during the week to get up. Keep a habit by getting up on the weekend (if it’s not a recovery day) to prepare for your weekday group fitness class.

I hope some of these tips will help you get up and moving! The Strength 4 Combat team looks forward to training you!

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